What Working Moms are saying:

“I find there is very little support for mothers in my situation. Perhaps it is because we don't seek it, though I'm not sure if we did if it would be there. It is very, very hard to be a significant breadwinner and the primary homemaker/mother/wife. I don't know of anyone who really has a husband, or many friends, who understands that.”

The Program and Fees

Working MAMA offer two primary options for group participation — organization sponsorship and individual self-selection.

Specifically, Working MAMA welcomes opportunities to partner with organizations to offer a Working MAMA group to its workforce.  Program design modifications are available to support the organization’s specific goals.  We offer volume participant/program discounts for organizations that wish to sponsor multiple groups within a calendar year.  Contact us to begin the conversation!

The individual self selection option is best suited for women in a community or metropolitan area who seek to forge new relationships with working moms outside their place of employment.   Registration drives group placement.  Working MAMA offers different pricing options to accommodate individual group needs and structure.  Contact us for more information.

Regardless of the approach (organization sponsorship or individual self-selection), coaching groups are typically limited to 10 women and meet once monthly for six months.  Monthly meetings usually occur over breakfast or lunch and last for two hours.

The six-session series covers the following general agenda (order of sessions may change based on groups’ requests or needs):

Session 1
Formal Introductions
Presentation of a Model for Change (as developed by Harvard University Professors, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey and based on their book, Immunity to Change)

Session 2
My Relationship to My Job and Change

Session 3
My Relationship to My Children and Change

Session 4
My Relationship to My Partner and Change

Session 5
My Relationship to My Community and Change

Session  6
My Relationship to My Self /Next Steps

Participants also enjoy informal networking and conversation at the beginning and end of each session.