What Working Moms are saying:

“I find there is very little support for mothers in my situation. Perhaps it is because we don't seek it, though I'm not sure if we did if it would be there. It is very, very hard to be a significant breadwinner and the primary homemaker/mother/wife. I don't know of anyone who really has a husband, or many friends, who understands that.”

Partnerships with Organizations

Working MAMA welcomes opportunities to partner with organizations at the local and national level.   Meredith and Mimi regularly speak to groups on topics related to women’s professional success as parents, including work/life integration,  professional/personal identity and behavior change, communication techniques, decision making, boundary/limit setting, and career strategy.

Following are descriptions of a sampling of specific Working MAMA workshops:

Career Management for Parenting Professionals

In this Working MAMA workshop, participants learn a framework for career management that places unique emphasis on their goals as parenting professionals. Their professional vision, values, and strengths are the focus of workshop exercises and yield insights regarding their “short-term” career landscape. The workshop concludes with an action plan to support their goals.

Professional/Personal Integration Workshop

This Working MAMA workshop replaces the traditional work-life “balancing act” mindset with the idea that dually attending to professional and personal priorities requires development of specific competencies. Participants have opportunities to learn about and “try on” these skills (e.g. making requests, letting go), individually selecting those that have most significance for their unique roles as parent and professional. The workshop concludes with their identification of future application opportunities.

Competing Commitments

This Working MAMA workshop provides a new way of looking at being stretched in many directions. Participants will learn the Kegan and Lahey’s Immunity to Change model that forces you to test your assumptions about how you balance your work and personal life. Unlike other workshops on work-life balance, this model forces participants to think about the underlying values that conflict and are preventing them from making the lasting change that will better fulfill them in meeting their work-life goals. Participants will make declarations that will challenge them to find new balance.

Strategic Networking

Working parents often miss out on evening networking events and need to go for quality over quantity. Ensure that you make the most of every networking event you attend! Instead of a workshop format, the organization must create a mock networking event for this program. Participants will learn the principles of strategic and effective networking, set their own goals, and and practice key networking skills, after which they will enjoy networking with their colleagues and put their learning into practice.

Organizational partners of Working MAMA include:

  • Alliance for Workplace Excellence in Bethesda, Maryland
  • Congressional Management Foundation in Washington, DC
  • Junior League of Washington DC
  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)