What Working Moms are saying:

“I think that there are a myriad of advancement/promotional issues I face as a working mother, for which I am offered very little to no support. The colleagues I have who do offer me support on these advancement issues can only help so far, because either they are not mothers, or have admittedly and decidedly not sought promotion for various reasons, including to comport with the view of what working mothers should be/want in my organization."

Is Working MAMA for You?

We want Working MAMA to work for you!  The questions below will help you or your company assess our program and coaching model against your current needs.


  • Do you seek to cultivate an advancement culture for working moms  within your organization?
  • Does a need for programming for parenting professionals exist within your organization?
  • Would working moms in leadership positions within you organization benefit from opportunities to learn from and support one another (and the women they lead and mentor) in a formal, programmatic way?
  • Is your organization invested in leveraging leading edge, innovative solutions to work/life integration questions?


  • Do you aspire to advance professionally as a leader within your organization?
  • Does the investment in your job or career sometimes “compete” with a similar commitment to your personal life, your interests and needs, and the needs of your family?
  • Would you benefit from regular opportunities to meet with and learn from other professional moms?
  • While staying true to you long-term goals, do you see value in making changes (small or large) in the current configuration of your professional and personal life?
  • Are you someone who ultimately wants to come up with your own “answers” as opposed to being told what to do?
  • Do you regard yourself as individually accountable for identifying and executing on the changes you seek for yourself?
  • In the spirit of self-care and your own development, are you able to invest two hours a month over six months to a group coaching experience.

If your organization or you answered “yes” to most if not all of the questions above, contact us to discuss a organizational sponsorship or sign up for a group today!.  If you’re still not sure, contact us to arrange a “Learn More” Session.