What Working Moms are saying:

“I think that there are a myriad of advancement/promotional issues I face as a working mother, for which I am offered very little to no support. The colleagues I have who do offer me support on these advancement issues can only help so far, because either they are not mothers, or have admittedly and decidedly not sought promotion for various reasons, including to comport with the view of what working mothers should be/want in my organization."

Working MAMA's Vision

Integrating the roles of high-achieving professional and mom was what  Mimi Darmstadter and Meredith Persily Lamel had in mind when they founded Working MAMAMetropolitan Area [Working] Mother’s Alliance —  in 2009.  Today, Working MAMA’s primary goal has not changed — women supporting women in seeking satisfaction and success in their professional and personal lives.

Working MAMA’s primary service are coaching groups for women organizational executives who, as parents, seek their own answers to today’s “headline”-inspiring questions around how to optimally align one’s professional and personal aspirations.

Today, more than ever, Meredith and Mimi , as executive coaches and through their own life and work experiences, recognize that “leaning in” means different things to different parenting professionals. In our big cities, where two income families — driven by achievement, service, and financial necessity — are the rule, not the exception, answers need to be negotiated with partners and “bosses,” and within working moms themselves.

Groups of ten women meet over six months – once a month for two hours.  The coaching group experience provides opportunities for each Working MAMA participant to identify and work through a change “goal” that supports her  professional and personal happiness and effectiveness.  Abandoning a “perfection” mindset, releasing control, and setting limits are just a few examples of these goals.

To set context for these discussions, each session dedicates itself to one relationship in participants’ lives including relationships with work, children, partner, community, and self.  Participants also have opportunities to make requests for and share information on resources — everything from parenting classes to family vacation spots to au pair agencies.  These information-rich conversations, typically fleeting discussions at the office water fountain or internet searches at the kitchen counter, make things easier!

Mimi and Meredith are thrilled that  the “I don’t have time or capacity for another activity” mindset dissolves when Working MAMA participants experience a group.  The groups provide a stress-reducing layer of support to a demographic whose needs for camaraderie but lack of time make it hard to find space for themselves, particularly in company of other working moms who share their challenges and joys.

They are also thrilled that in evaluation data among Working MAMA participants, 83.3% report that they were extremely satisfied with the program and 16.75% describe themselves as “satisfied.”  100% of participants surveyed would recommend the program to others (e.g. colleagues, friends, family members).

Meredith and Mimi have experienced firsthand the changes that occur over the arc of a working mom’s career and family life. Working MAMA honors each woman participant’s arc in real time and helps to cement the job and life success that each participant seeks for herself.

An organization can sponsor a Working MAMA group for its employees or individuals can register to join an independent Working MAMA group.Working MAMA groups launch regularly.  Click here for more details or to REGISTER.